Building Self-Confidence

Increasing your personal level of confidence will empower you to believe in other people.  Your confidence in God and in yourself will produce confidence in other people.  It is difficult for those who do not have confidence in themselves to have much confidence in others.  Placing confidence in other people is a very important leg on your triangle of success.  Why?  Because you will only accomplish a fraction of your potential working alone.  If you do everything alone and never partner with other people, you will create barriers to unleashing your full potential.

In order to succeed, you will have to put your confidence in other people’s intelligence, abilities, and talents.  You must reject the myth that one person can achieve something great.  Nobody succeeds alone!  It takes teamwork to make the dream work.  Even the Lone Ranger partnered with Tonto.  Be assured, there are no real Terminators or Rambos who can single-handedly take on an entire city or nation.  This only happens in Hollywood!  Everybody needs other people to help them in achieving their dreams.


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  1. Confidence Building says:

    This is very true that in order to succeed you need to put your confidence in other people’s intelligence, abilities, and talents. This article is good.

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