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You believe in your own worth and future potential enough that you give yourself permission to invest time, effort, and money in preparing yourself for your future. •Success is not something you pursue. Success is something you attract by the … Continue reading

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Dr. Keith Johnson Discusses Personal Development and Resources for Confidence. Building Personal development should be going on in your life every day. Your income will rarely exceed your commitment to personal growth and development. If you are going to be a leader … Continue reading

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3 – Keys on How to Maintain Confidence When a Tsunami Kisses the Shores of Your Life By Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach A tsunami shows up on the shores fast, hits hard, destroys what it touches and takes … Continue reading

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I’ve heard it said that a recession is anytime people lose confidence in the future. I agree. What is America’s economic crisis all about? Lack of confidence. Consumers lack the confidence to spend in fear of future financial collapse. Lenders … Continue reading

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