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Confidence at Work - 30 Day Guide to Boosting Your Confidence, Unleashing Your Potential and Achieving Success in Life

Hi my new friend! Welcome to Confidence at Work. My name is Keith Johnson, PhD, I am known as America’s #1 Confidence Coach.

Do you feel like your confidence is on an emotional roller coaster at work? Up one day, down the next?

Confidence is like a helpful virus spreading throughout your body. If you have it, it will infect everything you do in a positive way. If you don’t, it will undermine everything you do. In this economic climate, the pressures to perform at work are at an all time high.

The Confidence at Work website will give you the edge you will need to overcome any negative situations you are facing in the marketplace. If you are looking to quickly boost your confidence, you can download my eBook called, Confidence at Work - The 30 Day Guide to Boosting Your Confidence, Unleashing Your Potential, and Achieving Success in Life!

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Your most important asset…

What quality does Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, Coach Tony Dungie, Donald Trump, Tom Hanks, Rev. Billy Graham, Celine Dion, Lance Armstrong, Kenny G, and Oprah Winfrey have in common that everybody wants? They all have the force of confidence working in their lives. They all have an extreme level of confidence in the field of their profession. They are at the top of their game—doing what they love. They do not work for money. They have focused their energy in one direction and have found that money comes to them as a by-product.

Confidence is one of your most valuable assets, and more is always better. Confidence breeds success. The Confidence at Work website and book will empower you to achieve higher levels of self-confidence so you can obtain the things you really want in life:

  • More Happiness!
  • More Success!
  • More Relationships!
  • More Money!
  • More Power!
  • More Fun!

Confidence is not a destination; it’s a journey. My Confidence At Work book takes us on that journey together. We will take an in-depth look at the subject of confidence, that elusive quality everyone—and I mean everyone— wants more of in their life and at work. If you think you are the only person in the world that wants more confidence at work you are mistaken. Several studies show that happiness is clearly related to our level of confidence at work.

According to several recent studies, only one out of three people have high levels of self-confidence. The world is suffering from an epidemic of low self-esteem.

It is a sad but true fact that many people who have mediocre abilities sometimes get further along in life than those with extraordinary abilities simply because they know how to act with confidence.

Confidence is not a complicated trait to develop. No matter who you are, you can have mountain-moving confidence. You do not need great intelligence, sophistication, or talent to be a giant among others. But you do need the force of confidence working daily in your own life. Confidence will actually take you further than your looks, talent, and education can take you. I have met many people who are highly intelligent, good looking, and extremely talented who are so insecure that they never attempt to achieve anything significant in their lives.


A person without confidence is like a jumbo jet sitting on the runway with an empty fuel tank.
The confidence-boosting concepts shared throughout the Confidence at Work book will pump high octane confidence fuel into the jumbo jet inside you. I am going to help you boost your level of confidence to an all-time high. By increasing your confidence, you will be able to boost your potential, performance and profits. Trapped within every person is a confident champion waiting to emerge. There is a champion hidden inside screaming to get out. As you read, you will be inspired to discover and unleash the champion within you!

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Are you struggling with confidence at work?

Let me ask you a very important question: When do you need confidence? Answer: Every day of your life. Nobody wakes up charged with confidence. Your level of confidence runs on the fuel of daily encouragement. Therefore, this book is designed to give you an explosive surge of confidence each day. Studies show that if you listen or read something positive the first 20 minutes of your day, you will increase your productivity by 35 percent. Remember, your morning input will determine your daily output.

You can download your copy of the Confidence at Work book and in just 30 seconds you can get your 30-day guide to boosting your confidence, unleashing your potential and achieving success in life.

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Just imagine having a surge of confidence at work every day. Would you be able go get more done? What would your life be like? How would a dose of confidence affect your performance and success in life?
Invest in your future today! Increase your confidence at work and learn how you can turn your setbacks into comebacks.

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Are you ready to take the JOURNEY from fear, uncertainty and doubt at work to Confidence at Work?

Every journey begins with a first step. The road to success begins with small steps. Give yourself the confidence to take the first step toward developing your confidence so you can achieve your dreams. Taking your first step will give you the boost of confidence to take the next one. Vince Lombardi said, “Inches make champions.” Your greatest challenge is in getting started. Make the decision to get started today! BuyNow botton

The most important factor to a successful and happy future is YOU. I want you to say it, “The most important factor to a successful and happy future is ME!” Always remember this fact. No one person or book, including the Confidence at Work book, can do the “improving job” for you. I cannot make you confident. However, if you don’t quit, I can lead you day-by-day, step-by-step on that journey of making you a more confident person.

Take the first step and get your copy today!

Confidence does not just suddenly appear in your life. You have to grow in confidence one day at a time.

The Confidence at Work book will start you on your way to becoming the confident giant you were meant to be!

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The secret I discovered…

March 16, 2002 I learned the secret of what was stopping me from experiencing outrageous success in life. This secret produced some wonderful results in my life at a rate that was mind-boggling. Here is what happened to me over the next three short years after discovering the key to outrageous success:

  • My income increased. My income doubled annually.
  • My influence expanded. I went from never having made a television appearance to appearing on more than thirty-five programs.
  • My joy and happiness skyrocketed. My spiritual, emotional, and mental health improved. I lost forty pounds. I got my obesity under control, and started to eat well and exercise regularly.
  • My relationships deepened. I developed relationships with some of the most respected authorities on leadership development in the world.
  • My possessions multiplied. In only three years, I was living in the house and driving the car of my dreams.
  • My potential grew exponentially. I finished and published my book, The Confidence Makeover, which reached a global market.

I thought I had a money problem—but the solution to my problem wasn’t money. I thought I had to work harder-but the solution to my problem wasn’t working harder. So what was the secret I discovered? What answered the problems overwhelming my life?


Don’t allow your confidence to be shaken at work. It’s time for a real change! Get your copy today! 

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What Leaders are Saying

  • “To become a leader with longevity, you must become a leader of destiny. Most leaders have a sprint span, but true leaders have a span to finish a marathon. Dr. Keith Johnson, America’s #1 Confidence Coach gives you the education and motivation you need to be a leader who leaves a lasting legacy.”

              - John P. Kelly, President of LEAD

  • ...Dr. Keith boosted my confidence...”

    - Laurie Dhue - New York PIX 11 Morning News

  • "We have conducted over 110 lunch seminars for business men and women in our city. We have had some of the top speakers in the business industry and Dr. Keith rates as one of the top 5 speakers we have ever heard."


              - Garry Wiggins, CPR of Jacksonville, Florida

  • ...This book and consulting program are vital tools for leaders who want to develop a compelling strategic plan for the future. If you are serious about turning your dreams into reality—read and study this book.”

              - Dr. Samuel R. Chand - Leadership Expert, Speaker, College Chancellor

  • "Thank you so much for your visit to Meridian, your inspiring words, and your friendship to this community. You were embraced!! You brought hope, caring ways and a 'way out' to our people."


              - Cheri Barry, Mayor of Meridian, MS

  • “Dr. Keith Johnson is ‘Mr. Confidence’ and his course mirrors the man. ‘The Confidence Factor’ will change your life, both publicly and privately. I recommend the course, the book and especially the man.”


              - Dr. Ron Cottle, Founder, Beacon University

  • “I spent an entire day being coached by Dr. Johnson and I will never forget it. He is the epitome of a positive attitude. If there is such a thing as positive perpetual motion Keith is it! I remember driving home thinking I need to write a book, I need to make a CD, I need to make a DVD, I need to, and I need to! You get that kind of energy spending time with America’s Confidence Coach.”

              - Marc Mero, World Wrestling Champion

  • Keith Johnson is a certified coach, trainer and speaker for the John Maxwell Team. Confidence in oneself is the cornerstone of leadership. It is difficult for those who do not believe in themselves to have much faith in anyone else. Self-confidence brings confidence in others.

                - Dr. John Maxwell, Leadership Expert and Best-Selling Author

  • “Dr. Keith Johnson has truly developed a life changing program that will teach you how to transform the way you think, see, and talk about yourself.  I believe every person should read and apply the principles outlined in this book. Your confidence will soar to new heights after reading this book.  I highly recommend it.”


              - Dr. Robert Schuller, Founder of The Crystal Cathedral

  • "Keith Johnson was really great on my radio show! He gave me the confidence to realize that I am a Leader. Looking forward to having him on my show again." 

    - Sherry Gaba, Frequent Guest of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Author of The Law of Sobriety

  • “Dr. Keith Johnson made two presentations on the subject of Leading with Confidence at our annual international conference for educational administrators. He did a superior job. His motivational skills are fantastic. We would use him again.” 

              - John F. Scheel, Ph.D., President of Accrediting Commission International

  • “If you are looking for constructive feedback to help define the future of your organization, Dr. Keith Johnson is a valuable asset. His leadership, sales, marketing, and branding insights will move your team to the next level and beyond!”


      - Bob Biehl, Executive Consultant, Founder of Masterplanning Group International